Hello moon babies,


This period may be the greatest intensity we will see as a collective in most of our lifetimes. We each experience our own hurdles based on our individual natal charts, but what is known as the Cardinal Grand Cross is right now affecting everyone on the planet, no exceptions. And truly we are all affected, together, as one group. We express these effects in unique ways, but we are not isolated or immune to what is happening down the street or in another country. Much as an infection in one area of your body will affect your entire system, we all ride this cosmic wave together. 


Tomorrow night at 2:15AM EDT (technically Tuesday morning) is the new moon in Taurus. And it is just what we need to remind us to be completely and utterly present amid the rapid breakdown and breakthrough. And that true presence is all we will ever really need. Be here, in your physical body. Explore the joy of the five senses and allow the mind to quiet as you descend into the awareness of the blood trafficking through your veins, and each pulsing cell. 

This is a time for incredible transformation. Accidents, arguments, curve balls, and overwhelm may be a part of what it means for you to be here, in your body. Or, a surge of energy and sensuality may be what it means. Know that once you have shown up, once you have settled into the beautiful diversity and paradox of our own skin, you have won half the battle (later, you may realize there was never a battle at all and nothing has ever been lost). Go for a walk and let your feet touch the soft spring earth. Listen to some soul-rattling music. Move around. Eat something sensational. We are so much more than the stories we tell ourselves, and yet Taurus reminds us that we are here to experience life on the physical plane. What do you want to experience in your body? The choice is yours.

So many of us shared a wonderful celebration and meal at the Taurus workshop. Thank you! Save the evening of Friday May 23rd if you would like to join the Gemini event, and as always please let me know if you plan to attend. Location will be announced soon. 

For those of you in need of some extra support right now I am here. I continue to be grateful to be with you all during this transformative time. 

In love and joyful sensation, 



AuthorAerin Fogel