Hello moon babies,

Tomorrow's new moon in Aries, at 2:46PM, is kind of a big deal. If you've been feeling slow, or sick, or overwhelmed, don't worry - it's the beginning of the end. This marks the first new moon in the astrological new year, as Aries is the first sign of the zodiac according to the majority of astrologers. 

The moon hits on a major cosmic event occurring now and over the next month called the cardinal grand cross (it's been occurring for some time but is emphasized now and through April). What that really means is that the portals are open for massive, transformational breakthrough. It's time to lead with our individuality, to each take the reins of our own lives and decide who we are, who we want to be in this world, and how we are going to step that forward on our paths. Find the places where you are comfortable leading, even if this only means a leading of the self, and find the experiences that bolster your energy and encourage your self-expression. 

From a global perspective we are asked to look to the old structures and positions of power, and question whether they still serve the greater good. Do our institutions and government really take right stewardship of the land? Do our social structures really allow freedom to each individual within the safety net of the collective? Are our fundamental needs really being met? And, mostly, who is the one answering these questions and making the decisions? Take some time when the new moon hits to give the power back to yourself and revision the meaning of leadership. Feel the blood in your veins, the craniosacral rhythm of your body, and don't be afraid to find passion under the lens of anger. 

I was delighted to be joined by many of you for the Aries Meditation Celebration. Please reserve the date on Thursday April 17th for the Taurus evening, for some sensuous Taurus experience like food and music. Let me know if you plan to attend so I have a sense of numbers. 

I am also playing my first show with my new music project, Midheaven, next Sunday April 6th at 3:30PM. It will be at the Gerrard Art Space, 1390 Gerrard St. E. if you would like to join us! Here is the Facebook event:


Just a normal day at the CSA

Just a normal day at the CSA

Lastly, I work for a local organic farm share program for half the year and we will be starting our season at the beginning of June. Members sign up for a full or half or selective season, and then come every week to a pick-up location to receive 8-10 items in season that week from the farm. It's a wonderful program that has really altered and deepened my relationship with food and the land my food grows on over the past few years. Please let me know if you are interested in hearing more about this, or have any questions. Here is our website:



Forgive the extra information in this post, it's just such a joy to share with you all the different joys in my life. And it's Aries, after all! Time for raw self-expression. 


In love and spring lightness, 



AuthorAerin Fogel