Dear moon babies,


We are almost at the new moon in Pisces, which will occur at 3AM. Seems to be the perfect time for a Piscean moon, a time of deep dreaming and astral travel, a time of mutating from one month into the next, not quite here or there, yet somehow in all places at once. 


Give space to the quiet voice that speaks within you and guides from below the mind. We are just finishing a time a Mercury retrograde, and so this quiet voice may have some familiarity already as we emerge from the sleep of internal reverie. 


Now is a time to set intentions for compassion and forgiveness. In my own life these past few weeks I have learned forgiveness from a place of greatest need, blossoming a profoundly experiential level of something that had previously seemed straightforward and obvious.Now I understand the intricacies of forgiveness. It knows many layers and phases, it holds no one victim yet it does not condone suffering. All involved are freed. In forgiveness, we are able to see in others the aspects of ourselves that call out to be seen, to be claimed, to be accepted. We do not lay down and drift beneath a painful situation, but instead engage and come alive. We seek to understand the fear behind the pain, and we choose to release it. We choose to forgive and move beyond the fear of others. We choose not to hold ourselves locked in the situation, nor to hold others locked in their stories. 


May compassion be in your heart as you reset your inner clock. 


I will soon be sending out information for a monthly meditation and astrological awareness meeting. We'll start with the coming of spring, and the sign of Aries, first born in the zodiac.


With compassion and forgiveness for all beings,



AuthorAerin Fogel