Dear moon babies, 

This Sunday is a very special day. It is both the winter solstice and the new moon in Capricorn (8:32PM EST). In the northern hemisphere we reach the apex of darkness, and in the southern hemisphere we reach the apex of brightness. For two moments each year the world comes to a balance point, where we have a chance to re-align ourselves with the wisdom of the cosmos and the collective consciousness.

During both a new moon and the solstice, the gateways are wide open to receive our intentions. What we decide now is a direct line into how the next phase of our lives unfold, and so when they occur at the same time it is important for us to take note and make space to reorganize, focus, and reset our paths. 

We have seen tremendous transformation in our collective this past year. Though it may seem like it's all one big entropic miasma, we are actually witnessing the exposure of systems of domination that no longer serve us. What has been hidden is now being brought to light, and the voices that have long remained silent are speaking. We hear pain and suffering, but rather than collapse in despair we can recognize that in listening we are transformed. In making space for every person who has a story to share we will find our way back to connection, to wholeness, and to the understanding that we exist beyond these stories. They are not our infinite nature. 

The Capricorn archetype likes to know what it can do about all this. It cannot sit idly by on the sidelines. Active listening is a form of activism. Direct expression is activism. Redistributing resources is activism. Stewarding the earth is activism. Exposing the unconscious places where patriarchy lives in all of us is activism. Building a tiny home is activism. Eating locally and organically is activism. Stepping into leadership where it's appropriate and where it truly serves the whole community is activism. I could go on! But I think you understand. 

Capricorn is a sign that has been terribly twisted by thousands of years of patriarchy and we are now witnessing the massive transformation of this archetype, beginning with the exposure of how it still lives within us. Now we have the opportunity to elevate this archetype to a different kind of expression, and it begins with each of us setting the intention during the solstice for how we want to live with each other and on the earth. It's time to release the impulse to dominate, appropriate, hoard, and protect the system. We all embody these tendencies somehow. Instead we can take the system apart and serve the earth, who serves our bodies. We can lead beyond the paradigm of a power struggle, and fall into step when someone else is holding the reins with compassion. 

We have nothing to fear in the shadows of our own psyche other than fear itself. If we are in the northern hemisphere we are able to really understand this through the symbolism of a very long, dark day. We are born in darkness, sleep in darkness, and will return to that once more when we pass from this lifetime. But while we are still here, for just one moment, we are able to ignite a flame of change. 

If you know where Capricorn falls in your chart then you know where to direct your intentions in order to best contribute to the collective. If you would like to know, I am still delighted to be offering phone readings from the west coast, or in person if you live out here. 

Please share this message with others as a reminder of who we are and what we are all doing on this bright and wild planet. This is my contribution and my voice.

With love and immense gratitude to work with you all this year,



AuthorAerin Fogel