Dear moon babies,

Saturday is the new moon in Sagittarius at 7:32AM EST. With Sagittarius comes the theme of belief, standing in opposition to the rationale and investigation of its opposite, Gemini. And so on this moon, we quiet the curious mind and surrender to what is beyond the mind. It is interesting to note what season Sagittarius falls under in the Western hemisphere. The cold has set in, the plants have long since died, and we are spiralling into the darkest day of the year. There is a level of acceptance that happens during Sagittarius season that emerges from the rupturing change of Scorpio. The deep wells have been stirred, death and the underworld have been embraced, and now we can find comfort at the bottom of those deep wells. And it is here that we learn to believe. From the deepest and the darkest place, an experience void of birth and light, we find our higher vision. This is the beautiful paradox and cycle of universal law.

            Some of us may find that it is love and beauty we most believe in. After all, there is nothing in this vast entropic universe if not love. Notice where you feel gutted with burning desire, struggling with the endless needs of the ego, or exposed to the corrupt underbelly of our social sphere. There is no vision if not from the bottom darkness of the well; in relationship, in love, in society exist all these many seemingly disparate qualities together. 

            Many of us will struggle to even discern what we think, feel, hope, want, need, and aspire to separate from the people around us or society as a whole. Many of us may not even know the answer to the question what do you believe in? Let alone having the space to implement change in the world through these beliefs. Be aware of the temptation to get lost in someone else’s convincing perspective, to pull the wool over your eyes and shy away from speaking up. Be aware of the fears that are surfacing around even letting yourself dream about how things could be, from the simple pain of acknowledging how things actually are. For it will be very hard to trust that things can, in fact, be different, when you are only just starting to realize how difficult they are. Some of us may still hold aversion to admitting our own pain, suffering, and sensitivity. We may spend a lot of time and effort blocking it out and trying to create barriers. Or some of us may spend a lot of time and effort trying to save the world and every tiny organism in it, causing more suffering when we cannot find acceptance. Neither of these approaches are sustainable. So you must hold the very real but very delicate balance between admitting and accepting that you are sensitive, and therefore affected by everything that is difficult around you on both a personal and global scale, and also trusting that you are able to do things differently, that the rest of the world is able to do things differently, and that if you keep holding that future-oriented vision in line with an understanding of what is, at some point they may meet. If you admit how you feel, it doesn’t mean you can never have what you want, though these may seemingly conflict.

            Recall the image of sitting at the bottom of Scorpio’s expertly dug well and looking up to the dwindling light to find the vision of Sagittarius. Herein lies the exercise and the intention for this new moon, to find your vision through the darkness of your own experience, rather than trying to lift yourself our of the darkness and seeking the solution elsewhere. In the struggle lies the solution. Otherwise, with Sagittarius, we can become fractured and disjointed. Sagittarius cannot travel through the world of form without its animal body, for the vision would be just that; an idea, a concept, lost without the possibility of being brought down into sensual reality. There is nothing to fear in your own sensitivity and depth of feeling – if you can ride the horse towards it rather than away from it, you will find your way into newness, into the expression of your own desires, into love. Don’t leave your animal body hidden at the bottom of the well. Dive into it, dive deeper, and from that place of tenderness, emotion, and perhaps fear, look to the light and hold the vision.

            Listen for your own voice amidst the din of the world, the sense of what is right or wrong, and the impositions of others. And let yourself run wild on the horse while the light is still fading, while we spiral deeper into winter’s womb, and while we wait for that delicate moment when we have hoped so long and hard that it begins to eclipse all despair.

In love and moon darkness,

Aerin  xo

AuthorAerin Fogel