Dear moon babies,

Today is the new moon in Scorpio, at 5:58PM for those of us in Toronto. All around the Northern Hemisphere the plants are dying. The final harvest has been reaped, shared, and distributed, and now the earth is going to sleep. Life, for us sentient beings, occurs in the presence of and with the promise of death. 



How can we, this month but really all months, intensify our experience of life through relationship with death? How can we come more fully alive through connecting with what is beyond the veil? This is the challenge and the practice for today's new moon; living in the intensity and extreme of all aspects of our beings at once. Holding the great paradox of our many bright and shadowy corners in the same two hands. Through this we find deep transformation. Death teaches us to let go of what is no longer life-giving. Take a few moments to find this great paradox within yourself, and through simple presence, to let go of what is old and ready. 

Happy new moon and solar eclipse!


With love and rebirth,



AuthorAerin Fogel