Dear moon babies, 


Tomorrow we celebrate the new moon in Aquarius, at 4:38PM. We celebrate our capacity to look ahead and dream of a more compassionate world, a more utopian reality, and a more conscious community. 


These are the Aquarian dreams, and now is the time to live them. The dawning of the Age of Aquarius (cue 5th Dimension song) is happening now, a transition from 2000 years of suffering during the time of Pisces to a brighter reality that is quantum leaps ahead. And just like the song, it's hard for most people to actually understand what on earth is going on. We can all sense it, can all feel it and touch it and taste it, but it takes an Aquarian mind to know it, to articulate it, and to step in and lead the way. Even just a century ago we would have called them crazy (don't worry, I'm an Aquarius). Now they are the beacons of light, living ahead of their time, but compassionate enough to reach into the past and bring us all along for the journey.

This is not specific to people born under an Aquarius sun. We all have Aquarius somewhere in our charts. Look to the place where you dream, where you envision a shockingly new future for yourself and for humanity, and don't be afraid to speak it aloud. Take a few moments as the moon hits tomorrow to set intentions for these dreams, to make a promise to yourself to live them, and like a true Aquarian, to be stubborn enough to stick to them.

Venus will go direct on Friday, so don't worry if you've been wallowing in the underground. She has surfaced as the morning star and is a brilliant inspiration if you look to the east just before the sun rises. She brings with her renewed gifts of beauty and desire. For many of us, Venus retrograde has travelled the underworld of past desires. With the new moon and her change in motion, we can start to look ahead again and follow the renewed pathway to the throne of the cosmos.  

With weird Aquarian love,



AuthorAerin Fogel