Dear moon babies,

Tomorrow morning is the new moon in Virgo. We have entered a fertile time for the goddess, the earth. She has fed our bodies all summer, on many many levels, and now we have the opportunity to integrate these gifts. The food we harvest at this time is the most patient of the harvest. It has taken time and hard work to absorb the light of the sun all summer, and dig deeper than the first spring green for what lies beneath the immediate surface of the earth. Just like Virgo.


This kind of patience is a challenge in our world for what Virgo represents. Taking space to learn the wholeness of our selves, our many levels, our every aspect, is often lost in the miasma of detail and striving. On this new moon you have chance to truly return to what this sign represents; an unwavering devotion to our purest nature and our most innate sense of self. Bring the mind back into the body and remember the physical earth from which that body came. Your every molecule is born of this earth and will return to it in time. How do you integrate yourself into the whole of the universe? How is it integrated into you? And most importantly, are you comfortable in the process of this journey, or are you impatient to reach the elusive island?  Virgo's greatest challenge is its own judgement for the never-ending process by which it seeks wholeness. 

The puzzle pieces all lie before you. Take time to rearrange them in a way that suits this next phase of your life, but don't fear the unfinished process.

In love and moon darkness,




AuthorAerin Fogel