Dear moon babies,

In the morning is the full moon in Pisces. We have grown into fullness in this last moon of summer, and now we may pause to observe all she illuminates. 

Meanwhile in the ocean, a procession of tubes and tentacles shuffle the murky floor, profoundly dark corners so deep that no sunlight reaches them. And yet, even in the watery sheet of darkness, nature cannot thrive without light, and so these creatures have adapted mechanisms within their own bodies to light their way. An arm or an eye becomes a beacon of light down there. 

May we see the unique wisdom of these homemade flashlights, shone into the deepest depths, during this moon. And may we take a moment to consider how these creatures would fare if they were sloughed up onto the land. Where once they were the source of their own light, they would shrivel. We would see only their suffering, only their inability to survive, and not their unique aquatic flourishing. 

Now is the time to give space to our own watery flashlights. We have opportunity to value the depth of emotion swimming in our unconscious, and to surrender any boundaries that hold our unconscious from merging with the greater ocean. As you turn your face tonight to the luminous moon, may it be from the comfort of the greatest basin, the limitless container, the vast web of our collective waters. 

Love in moonlight,



AuthorAerin Fogel