Dear moon babies,

Tomorrow is the new moon in Leo. It strikes empty at 11:51 AM, and so you are probably all feeling like waning moons yourselves - often it's hard to take action (or sometimes get out of bed) right before the moon opens to new growth. 


Now is as good a time as any to talk about love. What does that word even mean to you? Do you feel it, or do you think it? Do you reject it? In Leo we must take time to balance the love we give with the love we receive. If you do not feel appreciated, ask yourself how capable you truly are of receiving the love of others, and the love of the universe. If you do feel appreciated, ask yourself how capable you truly are of radiating this experience out towards the people and the world around you. Are you able to give completely and unconditionally, without fear of what may or may not return? Picture yourself as a boulder in a river, where the flow rushes in from upstream and releases itself downstream in a constant perfection of equal force. 

If we allow Leo to teach us, love can be our greatest renewable resource. We are created by love, and we are creators of love in every gesture, every sound, every moment. Love simply is. And we are.  

Take a moment tomorrow at noon to set new intentions. Courageous Leo will offer you the strength you need to make changes. 

May you know love in every moment.




AuthorAerin Fogel