Dear friends,

Monday July 22 was another supermoon! This time in the earliest moments of Aquarius. It's time to be creative. The sun has just slipped into Leo, and the world is ready to receive the gift you are ready to offer. It could be a painting, a song, a story, a kind gesture, a delicious meal, or something completely out of the ordinary (this is Aquarius we're talking about here, there's no such thing as ordinary).

The moon occured Monday at 2:16 PM. Wherever you are at this time, take a moment to pause and notice what creativity means to you right now in your life, and in what way it allows you to serve the greater good. Because if it's not serving the greater good, Aquarians teach us, than it's not truly serving.

This past phase has been a time of deepest reflection, of staring into the ocean. Some of us may see only our own reflection, and some of us may see the fish and seaweed below the murk, summoning the eye underwater. For many, we may have forgotten what it means to nurture ourselves, as it can seem more comfortable to take care of everyone else first. For others, we may not have felt a thing (or so we think), like riding a roller coaster with our eyes closed, and pretending we're at home instead sipping lemonade.

I encourage you to find within yourself the reflection of the weather's temper tantrums. How has it affected you, and how have you affected it? In what way are we each responsible for the challenges we witness? The full moon in Aquarius asks us how we may begin to create a new kind of affectation. Have fun and get a little dramatic! The sun is in Leo now, after all.

With shiny, eccentric love,     Aerin


AuthorAerin Fogel