Dear friends,

We are almost in the time of a new moon. She will align with the sun at 11:58 AM on Saturday. The new moon is an opportunity for us to realign as well. Each year the new moons progress through the zodiac, so once a year we can set our intentions for the areas of our lives represented in each sign.

This particular moon falls in Gemini, the child of the zodiac. Now is our chance to rediscover our curiosity, our playfulness, and our ability to communicate.


When a kid falls off a slide in the playground, he will look around to see if anyone has noticed, and if no one has, he will pick himself up and climb to the top of the slide again. We can all learn a few lessons from this kid. We can learn how to learn again, how to pick ourselves up and get back on the slide. We can rediscover what it means to go with the flow.

On the other hand (in true Gemini fashion), we can start a new flow on this moon. Now is the time to really recognize what sort of reality your thoughts create. Notice what lives in your mind, and where it is born - Mercury, ruler of Gemini, suggests right now that we can choose our reality if only we live from the heart, allowing feeling to guide the mind. Only then can we know our individual contribution to the greater transformation at large in the world.

With love and moon darkness, Aerin

AuthorAerin Fogel