Dear friends,

These few days are a time of sudden dramatic exposure, like a bead necklace ripping and slipping all across the room.  Yesterday, Friday, was the solstice, in the northern hemisphere the longest day of the year. It's not just an extra few minutes in the park, it is our brightest day, our active foundation, our revelation and performance and ceremony. It's not just the day we receive the most light, it is the day we prepare for the inevitable descent back into darkness.

For most, the darkness is a place to fear. And yet we return to its womb again and again, every night at dark, every month at new moon, every year at winter solstice, and in every moment in which we retreat within ourselves. This retreat is a necessary and revelatory aspect of life, an experience to embrace rather than resist. And too we return to the light, preferring its clarity and radiance. Let the sun show you what is light and bright in your life right now, and then let it go. Know that you already have everything you need to leave the mountaintop for the valley, to return to the void.

Enjoy the unspeakable beauty of these bright times in the next few days. The sun has moved into the sign of cancer, and the moon will shine full on Sunday. Feel what you feel not just for yourself, but for the millions of hearts that don't give themselves permission.

The earth spins a little faster when it dances so close to the sun. May you hold the light like a sponge.


AuthorAerin Fogel