Dear moon babies,


We are approaching a very special new moon in Capricorn, occurring at 6:15AM on New Year's Day. This is a rare opportunity to align our intentions for the year we will create with the moon's newness, emptiness, possibility. 


On the solstice we saw a powerful ice storm here in Toronto, cascading the city into darkness on the darkest night of the year. On the same day Venus began her descent into the underworld, below the earth, which will take her 40 days (the same length of time it takes to change a habit, as a friend mentioned to me). Historically Capricorn is the time of the winter king (Jesus, King Arthur, Elvis of course), but with Venus in the underworld this year takes a different tone. She sheds even her beauty, passion, and sensuality to lead herself into death and from this true rawness is restored to her throne with imminent knowledge, magnificent presence, and luscious longing. We learn from her that presence of death restores true presence to life. We reclaim the shadows of our egos, our ancestry, and our pain, those aspects we hide but which hold power to restore us to our thrones to shine in heaven. 


Capricorn asks us to consider how we use our resources. Not just on a personal level, but how we use the resources of our beautiful earth which feeds our every breath. Capricorn must unearth its true calling - stewardship of the earth. To take leadership only to serve, to cultivate only to distribute, and to shoulder weight only to transform humanity's lead into gold. 


Massive themes of power and leadership arise in the heavenly bodies this coming year, especially the first half. We can see it in Rob Ford's controversy, in Nelson Mandela's death, and in the exposure of positions of power through the unending flood of information on the internet. The old systems are being deconstructed, but the speed is so rapid that many of us don't know what could be rebuilt instead. The possibilities are limitless, but we have to do the work of taking it apart first, of willingness to see what lies beneath, and of claiming responsibility for ourselves and our paths. 


In my personal life and in my practice I am watching many around me waking up, as if in a faery tale emerging from the enchanted forest. In this incredible moment we turn to see the forest behind us and realize we have wandered through it unconsciously, unknowingly. That there was something else just through those trees the whole time. If you feel awake, please take the reins. If you feel asleep, please know that you have choice to leave the forest. The planet needs you, awake. Nothing can happen here that we don't all agree to together, so it's time to take responsibility, to lead ourselves and not be led save by that which inspires us, to descend in darkness, to return and restore, and to serve in stewardship. 


I am truly grateful to be alive with you all during these times, dancing and stumbling over the border of another year. Pause to dream of what may come, to reach out and touch what you desire, and to follow the strength of Capricorn in harnessing your path.

May you all know your rights and your roles as members of the collective, and may you live love in this coming year. 


In moon darkness and from the underworld,



AuthorAerin Fogel