Hello moon babies!

In the morning, at 7:50 AM, there will be a solar eclipse while the new moon occurs in Scorpio. If you are in Toronto you won't be able to see it, but if you are on the east coast of the US, Africa, or the Middle East, turn your eyes to the sky. 

This past week and a half, astrology has had language to describe an incredible portal that has opened on our planet. If you want change, it is possible. If you want to be without limitations, it is possible. If you want revolution, we are already amidst it. 

If you are comfortable, or at least familiar, with the murky depths that rise from within each of us, then you may feel electrified by the air. You may have contemplated the story you saw yourself living, decided it no longer serves you, and are now in the throes of birthing a new story. Be aware of the story you choose, where you may have heard it before, and do not feel that you have to be able to see even to the end of the chapter. Only half steps are possible at this time, as by then the whole world will have changed again. 


If you are neither comfortable nor familiar with these murky depths, now is the time. Know that in facing them you have already begun transforming them, that they are the signals calling you deeper into the mysterious joy of life. Scorpio asks us to take this time to notice what is ready to be let go of, what can be put to rest to open regenerative space. Allow the dark night sky of the new moon to be like the limitless dark womb of what is yet to come. 

What an incredible time to be on this planet together!

Love from the limitless dark womb,




AuthorAerin Fogel