Hello moon babies!

Tomorrow evening at 7:38PM there will be a full moon eclipse in the sign of Aries. An eclipse adds intensity and invigoration to the sign of Aries, akin to a shaken-up soda can. Your choice lies in whether or not you will open the can and let it spray everywhere so that you are no longer holding a can full of tension, or keep all that carbonation bottled up inside so as not to make a mess all over your neighbours shirt. Sure, nobody likes soda all over their shirt, but that's what laundry day is for. 

Aries the ram asks us to be new and bold in our relationships at this time. Great planetary upheaval is occurring under Aries' scrutinizing eye. We may blur and blend in the world's mirror, or we may stand up and name ourselves, propel ourselves above the crowd in search of individuation. 


With this illuminating eclipse we have the opportunity to really see ourselves, and how we let ourselves be seen. We have a chance to witness how the small "I" operates, how the ego perceives its separateness and how we nourish or repress our unique sense of self, our singular reflection in the cosmic mirror. 

Keeping the can closed may seem the preferred choice at times. It may seem simple and tidy. But I encourage you to see what happens when you explode forth without apology. Let the light of the moon reveal to you your own self, and may you love and accept all that stands revealed. 

In shiny moon brightness,




AuthorAerin Fogel