Dear moon babies,


Today is the new moon in Leo. It is also the third (and final) eclipse in a row in what many call 'eclipse season'. 

The astrology of the last few months has been a wild ride. Major planets moving into new signs, retrogrades, eclipses, and intense aspects. So arriving here today at this eclipse is like being at the heart of the matter. 



There is no right or wrong way thing to find, way to feel, experience to have when you are at the heart of something. There is only the courage to really see and be honest about what is there. We find ourselves here on this last eclipse, with the new beginnings of a new moon, in Leo the sign of our hearts, and we have journeyed through a lot these past few months to be here. What have you arrived at? What is the heart of this arrival, and the journey you've been through?


There is a theme of deep honesty that runs through this moon. Sometimes it requires a lot of bravery for us to be present to the real essence of our experience, without judging it or trying to fix it or comparing ourselves to others, and therefore making ourselves feel inadequate. 


These beautiful words from A Course In Miracles speak to the heart and the honesty of our Leo moon today; 

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."


May you find peace at the heart of the matter today during this eclipse.


With love,



AuthorAerin Fogel

Dear Moon Babies,


Today is the new moon in Cancer, and a partial solar eclipse (only visible in certain places in the southern hemisphere). 



It is a time to think about how we take care of ourselves. With Cancer there is often a struggle to find balance between respecting our needs and extending ourselves to care for the needs of others. Compassion gives us the strength and desire to reach out and help when our loved ones, and communities that we love, are struggling. But many of us struggle to hold that same compassion for ourselves. We spring into action when others are in need, but when we pause to ask about our own needs, sometimes the answer is not even clear. 


Some of us may experience the opposite. We may have a clear sense of our needs and how to meet them, but struggle to understand what others are going through and how connection and closeness can be healing for everyone involved. 


With Pluto sitting directly opposite this new moon, in the sign of Capricorn and responsibility, we may feel that opposition in our lives right now. An opposition between self and other, care and responsibility, compassion and discernment. Wherever there is opposition, it may feel like the outcome is one or the other (either you have your needs met, or I do. Either I help others or I am able to take care of myself. Either I'm productive or incapable). But with opposition, the way through is both/and rather than either/or. 


The both/and of this new moon is ultimately a home, a family, a community, and a world where everyone's true needs are met. The true needs of each person to experience love, connection, a place to be productive, and sustainable resources. So it is a time for us to each look into our own lives and see how we are balancing these themes. Are we caring for ourselves? Are we caring for others? Do we understand our true needs, or are we motivated by confusing and unconscious desires?

Do we have enough/can we ever have enough hygge in our lives (Danish word denoting a mood of coziness and good feeling)?

Cancer is also a sign of deep and powerful feeling, so don't be afraid of what you feel this week. Feelings cannot hurt us unless we turn away from them. All those little Cancerian tears are part of the river of life!


Happy new moon to you all. 




AuthorAerin Fogel