Hands On Healing

I am currently offering sessions in person in Toronto. Distance sessions are available and equally potent. 

Healing Hands Body Work

Healing Hands is the body work component of the karmic readings. Each treatment will hold you in love to facilitate the release of trauma from the body. Tension, stress, fear, and any challenging patterns you are carrying will have the opportunity to clear in a treatment, and in their place you will find beauty and joy. I am also certified in classical Usui Reiki as an additional support in releasing tension and blockages, and renewing energy on the physical, mental, emotional, and soul levels of your being.

Hands-on healing, and taking care of the physical body, is important for everyone. Often we seek out guidance to satisfy our rational understanding of our experience, and forget that our bodies are our home. They need just as much support and care in our journey as our mind and emotions. Hands-on healing is a valuable support to our healing process and all of the inner work we do. 

Standing weekly appointments are available for ongoing support, or you may come for individual sessions. 



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