The Way Leads On
to Feb 24

The Way Leads On

The Way Leads On

Navigating to and through 2020

With Julie Simmons and Aerin Fogel

An exploration of planetary pictures for the world and the individuals who live in it.

As our world continues to get more and more chaotic we need to remember that, no matter what our circumstance, we were born to these times; we are the dwellers on the threshold.

Julie will take us through the astrological picture of the next few years.
Aerin will explore the initiatory aspect of these times and how change occurs on deeper levels.

Together we will work with the collective as well as our personal energies for this transition.

The year 2020 stands out as a turning point for this rather extreme adventure on earth. Whether you are in a position to change the world or simply your world, astrology is an incredibly useful tool for envisioning what is required and how you, as an individual, may step up to those requirements. We will place your horoscope against the backdrop of the world and see what can be initiated both personally and collectively during this time. 

When: Thursday February 21 – Sunday February 24, 2019

Where: Rosseau Sanctuary, Ontario

Cost: All costs include workshop, meals, and lodging in dorm-like atmosphere.

Early Bird (before January 5th) - $450

Late Bird (after January 5, 2019) - $500

Reduced cost spots (air mattress in shared open space):

Early Bird (before January 5th) - $390

Late Bird (after January 5, 2019) - $440

*$75.00 non refundable deposit*

Please let us know if you have access to a car and can carpool with participants, or if you will need transportation to and from the centre. 

Contact Aerin to register.

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Initiation Through the Chart
1:00 PM13:00

Initiation Through the Chart

Join professional astrologer Aerin Fogel for this afternoon workshop on initiation and astrology. 

Though we are each born with a natal chart that contains information about what may unfold in our lives, we are also born with the capacity to transform and overcome profound difficulties. This afternoon workshop will examine the cultural practice of 'initiation,' and how we can facilitate great change for ourselves and the challenging aspects in our charts. 

The first half of the workshop will be an interactive lecture style, and the second half will be an opportunity to look at participant charts. We will see what can be initiated in each chart, and using the material from the workshop, how we can go about doing that. 

Pre-registration is required, as well as birth data if you would like to look at your individual chart (though it's not a requirement). 

Date: Saturday March 24th, 1-4PM.

Cost: $40 including HST.

Location: Inner Arts Collective, 257 Danforth Ave. Toronto

This workshop will be in-person only, and unfortunately not available via Skype. There is an option to pay a reduced fee for a recording if you do not live in Toronto. 

Contact Aerin to register. 

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