Core Pattern Readings

I am currently offering sessions in person in Toronto, or through skype. 

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The core pattern reading is a karmic reading that reveals the root of your unconscious life patterns. We all experience trauma in some way in our lives, and this trauma becomes stored in the body as a memory. But it also becomes stored in the mind; as a belief about the world and who we are in the world. Trauma informs our sense of self, our relationships, and our life path. Here, we will go back to the time and place in your karma when the trauma first occurred in order to understand how the pattern was formed. The imprint of the trauma will be cleared from your body, mind, and soul during the reading, bringing you into your fullness in a way that may never have been possible before.  

While it is given that we will experience trauma in our lives, it is also given that we are all capable of healing. The core pattern reading will offer you support and guidance in how to take the next step in your healing process. Our stories and traumatic experiences are something we can integrate, over time, into our sense of self so that we begin to have more agency in our experiences and relationships. Through healing we can choose how to engage the world, and no longer feel at the mercy of something beyond us.

The reading will also offer you new pathways for your thoughts, emotions, energy, and actions to travel. These are pathways that lead you beyond the frustration and difficulty of your pattern, and into the deeper purpose you are meant to live. Each of us is here with a mixture of strengths and challenges, so much of the healing in this work is around redirecting energy away from suffering and towards your true gifts. 

The reading involves a minimum of two sessions (one reading, and one follow-up session). Understanding our unconscious patterns is something that takes time and commitment, so all follow-up sessions to the reading will support you in seeing how the pattern works in your day to day life, and where it lives in the unconscious mind. You will be given practical tools to work with the pattern, and direction towards accessing your deeper gifts and joy. 

These readings can be an ongoing source of support, joy, and love for you in your life. Your initial reading will reveal your primary pattern, and all readings thereafter will offer support specific to your questions or current life phase. 

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Follow-up sessions

Once you have had your core pattern reading, having at least once follow-up session is important. Learn how the pattern draws from human archetypes, and how it can be recognized and cleared on a daily and situational basis. Develop clear and functional skills to practice choice and inner freedom in your life. Sessions can take place weekly, yearly, or as it suits you to work with specific situations in your daily life in connection with the deeper unconscious patterning. 


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Ongoing readings

After your first core pattern reading you can come for readings as often as you like. A reading can provide support and guidance for your current life phase, or answer questions you are working with. Each one will bring you into a deeper integration of your core pattern, and bring clarity and loving energy to the steps you are taking along your healing journey.



Relationship readings

An opportunity to understand the karma, potential, challenges, and joys shared on a path between two individuals. One person may come alone to ask about a relationship in their life, or both people may come together for the reading. Any relationship can be addressed, including friendship, romantic, familial, and business partnerships. The reading will clarify the greater purpose of the relationship and your learning in it, while empowering the choices you wish to make.