Photo by Rachel Mae Regina

I began this work when I had my core pattern reading, over a decade ago. The reading altered my understanding of the world, and my place in it. It opened my heart to the path I walk now. In the years that followed, and the subsequent readings I had, I found this to always be the truest, most helpful, most empowering, and most loving guidance above anything else. This is what called me into practice as a life path, and into the privilege of sharing this work with others. 

I am certified as a core pattern practitioner, a healing hands practitioner, and a Reiki practitioner. I also spent several years of study and apprenticeship with astrologer Julie Simmons. Through continuing to deepen my knowledge of astrology, of karma, of trauma and healing, and how it all works on the level of quantum physics, I am committed to supporting my clients with the most loving and integrated healing system I can create. 

I have the great honour of being one of the co-founders of the Silver River Institute, a community hub that offers alternative education workshops, and gatherings at the turning of every season. I continue my work artistically outside of my personal practice through my music project, Queen Of Swords, and through a series of published fiction creative non-fiction pieces. 

The integrity and authentic support of this work continues to see me through all physical, emotional, mental, relational, and soul challenges. I have come to see myself as whole, where I once felt that so much was wrong. All experience holds wisdom, growth, and love, just waiting for us to take hold and digest it. I am truly grateful to be of support to you in your journey, and to offer guidance along your healing path. 

Please feel free to send me a message on the Contact page with questions about the work, or to book a session. I encourage you to deepen your commitment to yourself and your life path through these offerings. I provide ongoing support through several different treatment plans, and it is my joy to work with individuals on anywhere from a weekly to yearly basis. I am currently offering sessions in person at the Inner Arts Collective in Toronto, or through skype.