Astrology Readings

I am currently offering sessions in person in Toronto, or through skype.

Natal chart

This is you, at the centre of the universe. Any venture into astrology begins with the moment of your birth, as in that first moment of being alive your impression of reality was formed. We look at the placement of the sun, moon, planets, and horizon line in order to understand your individual experience of reality. The relationship between your body and the heavenly bodies is what forms the map of your psyche in that very first moment of life, and the map of possibility that unfolds as you grow. 

In a natal chart reading we will delve into the various strengths and challenges that are with you through your life. We may discuss your personality, family of origin, career path, relationships, personal healing, soul's path, major life events, and much more as we move through the twelve respective areas of your chart. This is your reading, so feel free to bring questions.

Your natal chart never changes, but will always stand in relation to the current movement of the planets, giving you a sense of how the greater cosmic dance affects you, a unique individual, on a personal level.

I do not work with astrology as a predictive art, but rather as a means of aligning you with your own strengths and healing, and accessing opportunities that arise.  


Ongoing readings

Once you have had your natal chart read, you may come back at any time for another reading. Our charts are complex enough that they take an entire lifetime to understand, or at least several sessions to have an initial grasp of. You may come anywhere from weekly to yearly to look at the cosmic dance of the approaching time, and seek guidance in specific areas. Many clients enjoy coming for a reading around their birthday to mark the coming year.


Comparing natal charts is a wonderful way to find insight into any kind of relationship – romantic, friendship, familial, contractual, and many more. This is not meant to determine the fate of any journey. It is a guidebook into what you can accomplish if you join together with this person, your strengths and challenges, and how they can be navigated.